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Spiritual Powers & Influence
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Millions of people from all walks
of life have committed themselves
to the Illuminati’s global work for the
betterment of the human species.
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Join Illuminati Organization Welcome to the great temple of Illuminati worldwide. Are you a Pastor, Politician, Businessman or woman, Musician or an Artist, do you want to be famous or you want to become rich or powerful you can achieve your dreams by being a member of the Illuminati with this all your dreams and heart desire can be fully accomplished. People say that the Illuminati are exceptionally wealthy. The truth is that all twelve members of the Ruling Council are wealthy, but money for us, simply funds our mission and Members of our society nothing else.

Abundance Rewards in the Illumnati

If your a Pastor, We give you a Magic Ring, Magic Book and Holy water for performing super natural miracles on people that always come to your church hence having a full congregation of people in your church.

We give Magic Necklaces to muscians or any performing artists so that they get all the fame and attention they do seek from there fans.

Magic Picture Flames are given to political leaders like Presidents, Governors, MPs and Ministers and are given directives on how to use them. They enable them to win elections and seats in their respective positions. how to use them. They enable them to win elections and seats in their respective positions join the illuminati.


We are delighted that your life’s journey has led you to discover our organization. Maybe you have met one of our members in the flesh. Or perhaps not; we value anonymity. We see and know all just as a shepherd sees and knows all of the flock, our eyes peering over the masses to identify any threat to the survival of the human species. We will never take your hand and pull you down the path like a slave to our whims. You must find and travel the road on your own. But your quality of life is our greatest concern, and the reason our symbols are placed in your society as a map for you to follow if you desire. We are the bringers of new dawns, the guardians of the human species. We are the Pyramid, the Eye, the Light, the Eternal Circle. We are the Illuminati.

We See Everything



What is the purpose of Illuminati ?

Making you not to worry!!

Ensuring the survival of over 7 billion humans is a daunting task. Our duty to this planet has spanned across centuries and survived even the most established government entities. To continue functioning throughout societal and generational changes, The Illuminati’s operations often require anonymity for both our members and our work.
In 2013, the Illuminati authorized the formation of the Department Of Citizen Outreach. Through various initiatives and campaigns, including this website, the modern Illuminati has committed itself to furthering our relationship with our citizens.
You may not find us praised in any history book or document. However, the Illuminati has helped with every major movement on this planet since the first human government was established. Our work is often marked by distinct symbols as a means of tracing our influence through history for those wishing to investigate.
With gentle guidance from our organization, the human species is allowed to function in their natural order while playing the part of gears in a machine for the betterment of the world.

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Wealth Of The Illuminati

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